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Sitting Bunny 2 x 2


Item 6497 Plate 624 Rabbit Rabbits Easter Page 366

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Item 6497 Plate 624 Rabbit Rabbits Easter Page 366

1 review for Sitting Bunny 2 x 2

  1. SusanJane (verified owner)

    Evil Bunny!!!

    Maybe if you stamped this critter in pink, it wouldn’t look quite so evil. It’s those solid eyes and those slanting eyebrows. One of my peeves are shadows, and this one looks like a bird’s nest! I’ve trimmed it off already. If I want a shadow, I add my own to match the rest of the scene or elements — most of the time a light grey smear is plenty.

    Besides my complaints, this is a fun stamp. This bunny has oodles of attitude, not at all the vacant cartoon plush found in Easter baskets. It is a very static pose, so she’s not going anywhere soon. But those ears and that face tell you she’s paying close attention. I, uh, cut my teeth on “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” so this rabbit can only be that one… unless I use those stripes to color a tiger bunny! Strange stamp but it has its charms. Beware using too much pressure when stamping because those shading dots will blooge.

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