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Can’t visit our World Famous Rubber Buffet in person? Just for you deprived rubber stampers and scrapbookers, we’ve hand picked a whole POUND of DEEPLY etched unmounted rubber dies including whimsical and fun images as well as humorous and sarcastic sayings… if you’re not familiar with our unique, mostly non-cute catalog of stamps, please check our stamps before buying as I don’t want to get hate mail telling me how horrible my stamps are… they’re my children! Out of our over 20,000 different stamps, who knows what you might get… that’s the fun of it! Many of our stamps are not for the faint of heart…the Taliban and the PC Police probably wouldn’t approve… please remember that you’re buying a Grab Bag so we accept no returns or exchanges… if you get stamps you don’t especially like, you can always join an unmounted swap (someone posts a list for people to sign up if they’re interested in the exchange… the leader packages up 20 or 30 or 50 or whatever number of unmounted stamps (sometimes referred to as “dies”) and sends it to the first person on the list together with labels for each person in the swap with the leader’s name being the last label… each person takes out the unmounted stamps they like and replace them with dies/stamps of the same size and then sends to the next person on the list… and so on. Eventually, the leader will get back a box of different stamps than were sent out! It’s fun, it’s easy… it’s the rubber way.  

The number of wonderful dies in a pound depends on size of dies we’ve put in but you should get anywhere between 50 and 75 at least, maybe as high as a hundred… if purchased individually, this rubber would cost you several hundred dollars!  NOTE: This offer is for NEW/UNUSED UNMOUNTED RUBBER DIES ONLY… NO CUSHION AND NO WOOD PROVIDED. Mounting Instructions are available on our Web Site if you’re a virgin mounter.

Unsolicited Testimonials: THANK YOU! I just recieved my first grab bag! Not only did I squeal with delight at all the fabulous images and (just the right level of twisted!) funny sayings…you have great timing! I was having the crappiest day ever and came home to a bundle full of laughter and inspiration in my mailbox. I may need to get one every month! Who needs Prozac when there’s Viva Las Vegas Stamps?!
Seriously, to anyone who is on the fence about whether to try a grab bag…these are not stamps that they throw together because they are stock that’s not selling. My whole grab bag is top quality rubber and is full of awesome images and sayings I would have picked out personally and will use over and over again! Felicia  
If you haven’t bought VLVS stamps, how can you call yourself a stamper?  I’ve got a rubber addiction only VLVS can treat! 37 lbs & I still want more! Bought so many pounds I had to buy my mailman a truss! Love it! Stampo–winner and still rubber champion–long live the King!  Melissa  I am VERY pleased with my order.  I cannot believe that this is my second UM grab bag from you and I don’t have any of these.  So no duplicates of those I already owned.  But then VLVS has sooooooooo many stamps I shouldn’t be surprised.  I’ve got my Stamp Positioner right in the middle of my newly cleaned desk.  My VLVS purchase is my reward for getting that done! Vincentia My little unmounted stamp binge came today.  Yay for me!!!  This package was from Stampo at Viva Las Vegastamps.  It was a Whopping Pound O’ RubberFun – I counted 88 individual dies! And it was only $25!!!  I got lots of fun stuff!!! — cats and critters, dogs and frogs, oriental women, fairies, cool word stamps,  and some “unique to Nevada” stamps such as an alien and even the Welcome to Las Vegas sign!   More stuff than I can list!  Thanks Stampo! Kimmi Hi there, I would like to start this letter by saying FREAKIN WOW ! :o) I just love the stamps that you sent me in my Whopper Pound!  Most of them were so huge ! I did not expect such WONDERFUL stamps! I will just have to get some more pounds – maybe I will get lucky! LOL By the way … I counted 71 stamps in all.. GREAT DEAL !  We are planning to be in Vegas next summer for a baseball draft, and will definately be by your area to shop some more 🙂 I will definitely be a repeat customer and thank you for such awesome service ! Thanks again and have a great weekend!  Dorothy Awesome stamps! More than I expected!!! I will be ordering from you again!  Hi Stampo, I received my rubber fun the other day, and it made my day! I have just had the chance to go through all the images. I am very impressed with the selection in my grab bags, and no duplicates! (I was looking for my free dog hair though) =0) Stampo’s grab bags are the best deal in town! Hey Stampo!  I just had to tell you the stamps I ordered from you were received and BOY are they neat!  I love the large size, also good for stamping shrink-art stuff.  I ordered a Pound Bag-O-Rubber also and it’s wonderful—they are outstanding! There were only two images that were duplicates of ones I have already and my collection is at least 3000 stamps. Thanks again. You’re the greatest!  Just letting you know my e-bay pound of rubber grab bag arrived today. Well what can I say it was just like Christmas, wrapped up in wrapping paper just like a present, and what a lot of stamps 80 total in all. It will take me ages to sort this pile out, already seen some groovy images among them so I’m well pleased. It was a pleasure to buy from you and would recommend your grab bags to anyone.  This is awesome!  I had no idea how much rubber a pound really comes out to be.  And the majority of images are ones that I’ll actually use.  Thank you SO much!  I will of course be sending you some things for display and/or your online gallery.  Just simply amazing.  I just wanto gush and gush thanks.  😉 Best pound I ever gained! 5th Wonderful Transaction! Can’t get enough pounds of rubber!!! The best stamps!  Wow! So many stamps! I’ll be cutting rubber for weeks! Super fast shipping!  These stamps are AWESOME and as unique as me!!! I CAN’T WAIT FOR SOME MORE!!!!! Hi, I received my pound o’rubber stamps and oh my goodness! You were so thoughtful! I had no idea you were going to mark the package as a gift, and you even gift-wrapped it for me. That was so thoughtful. I got nailed last week and had to pay $9.50 duty on ink pads!!!! Ugh! I was a little upset as I had no dog hair in my order. lol. I have two dogs of my own and 3 cats, so I have all the extra hair I need. I’m trying to figure out a way to incorporate them in my rubber stamp projects. Again, thanks so much. I got 80 some odd stamps and a few repeats, no biggie though. My 5 year old son even liked a few of them. Thanks again for being so thoughtful, I really appreciate it. Sincerely, Holly (Canada) p.s. I’ll be sure to recommend your store to everyone. p.p.s Even after I read the hilarious dissatisfied customer letter. My 2nd order and no duplicates, I love it! Best stamps around. Thanks. If you have not treated yourself to one of these, please do so now! Excellent!! You’ll never stamp anything boring again, after you get a pound of these! A++ Fast shipping and great, great stamps—try one and you will be hooked! The best, the best, the best, the best——-got it? Melissa. These stamps are amazing!! Unbeatable deal, over 80 stamps again! Thanks A++++ I’m in STAMP HEAVEN!!!!! I received my order today and I’m over the moon! I was excited to see the scuba diver stamps, it’s hard to find good ones. I was truly overwhelmed by your Mixed Pound of Rubber! What a fabulous deal! I can’t believe what wonderful stamps you sent me! Thank You!!!!! Georgette. I got my pounds of rubber from VLVS! and love it. Can’t believe how much I got for that price, still cutting out and mounting. Helene. Got my pound o’ rubber… yay! Thanks a bunch! Amazing! It’s my third pound o’ rubber from VLVS! so far and 4 duplicates ONLY! And I did count the stamps this time — 75!!!!!!!!! WOWZA! Some of the sayings I was dying to get so it looks as if Stampo has gotten some sort of crystal ball. LOL! Thanks for the great service, Stampo! – Stampcas. I got my order today and I couldn’t be happier. I ordered 2 pounds of rubber… and I love all the stamps! This was my first time ordering unmounteds and my first time ordering a grab bag. I am HOOKED! Thanks for all your great work. I will be a repeat customer! – Lisa. Got my order–I’m afraid I’m hooked on the pound of rubber special! It was so fun! I read through the Viva Las Vegastamps! catalog and couldn’t stop laughing–better than Prozac for depression! Jayne Hill. I received the my order in today’s mail. I just spent the past 2 hours testing and playing with my new dies. I can’t tell you how happy I am with this order. And the grab bags were *especially* fun!! Some images were ones I had actually been considering for future orders… some I had never thought of, but now that I have them, I am coming up with all kinds of creative ideas for them… and then there are some which I know will make *perfect* gifts for my rubber-stamping friends! I am thrilled with them and am sure to come back for more soon! I will definitely be sending along the link to your site and my rave reviews to my friends, and hopefully throw more business your way. THANK YOU so much for a wonderful parcel! I look forward to doing business with you again! Betsy, in Newfoundland, Canada. 82 new stamps, great variety. Lots of unique sayings, worth the chance! I received my one pound of rubber stamps today. They all look good and arrived in a very good package. I counted them and there are 137 different stamps. Now I have to go to work! Thank you again. June. WOW! I got my rubber today and was impressed! I didn’t think there would be SO many stamps! Thanks! What a deal! Laura. I got a pound of their unmounted rubber stamps from E-bay recently, and the service was marvelous. They shipped them the first business day after I won the auction, and there were TONS of cool stamps! Their website is a lot of fun to look at, and the stamp selection is COLORFUL. Brenda. I just got my order and the grab bag of stamps is just amazing. I counted 95 great looking stamps (so I must have a lot of time on my hands…) and only 2 duplicates. Couldn’t ask for more. Larissa. 96 stamps in all! couldn’t stop laughing… these are very funny! You Rock! WDBA!! Diva. Attached is my order for your catalog and supplements. I received my grab bag of stamps and they blew my mind! The rubber is so well etched and what a variety of images and sayings. My husband and I laughed and we couldn’t believe the variety. Can’t wait to mount them and stamp away. Noel. Just to let you know that I received the pound of rubber yesterday from the auction that I won. I was tickled with the rubber – only one duplicate. Diana. Yippie! The 3rd one and still no dupes. Best one yet. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SD I received the package for the three eBay auctions I won, and first of all, I have to say how astonished, amazed, delighted and downright giddy I was at the quantity, quality and selection of what you sent to me. How do you do this? I don’t need another stamp for a long, long time! Mary. Just a quick note to let you know my “pounds’o’rubber” arrived today. What fun! I counted over 100 dies in each pound! Melody. I’m happy, thrilled, ecstatic, a rubber hound and so on and so on! Thanks, Wayne! Bev. I received my pound of rubber today. I just love them. So many animals and I am an animal lover. Just like I picked them out myself. Donna. I must say I’m impressed! Never had my dies so quickly from the USA. AND I’m really satisfied with the contents. Only one stamp in it I already had ordered last year… for the rest, all new ones! Thank you very much for the great service. Leonie, The Netherlands. Stamps arrived in today’s mail. We tore open the package and had a great time laughing and cutting, now on to mounting and stamping. Thanks again for putting this package together. Betty, BC Canada.  What a great deal! Deeply etched stamps, nice variety, sent promptly. Rose… Boy, am I excited about my stamps!!! That is the fastest I have ever received an item, and the selection of stamps is GREAT!!! I counted 96 images!!!!! A good combination of pictures and sayings, also!  Thank you for making my day! I’m sure I will do some more business with you in the future… Thanks again, and I left y’all some positive feedback. Love, stampinleenie (Eileen)… Great value! Great variety! Great stamps! Would definitely buy again!… The grab bag was FABULOUS! What a deal… I’m very happy with the transaction!… Lightning fast shipping! Awesome stamps! I couldn’t be happier! Highly recommend!… Speedy delivery, excellent quality product, I LOVE this company!… Really, really like these. Fabulous value! Would like to get more… World’s best seller, great rubber & incredible customer service… Great product. fast shipment. It was a joy doing business. I got 101 stamps!… This is my third pound and it’s as great as the first, Thanks! Beautiful stamps, hilarious sayings, great service – very happy customer – A+++! Pound o’ stamps, awesome deal…VERY funny! Can’t wait to buy more! I bought some rubber on QVC and it was so faint I couldn’t even stamp with it. When I got your pound of rubber, I cried as the rubber was so deep and wonderful. I LOVE it all and can’t wait to order more from you. Please put your cushion and mounting supplies on eBay as well. Really fast delivery and I am still laughing at Funny Stamps. GREAT! Ooo, I can’t wait! Every pound is a laugh-and-a-half. Who needs Prozac when I can get a dose of funny rubber? Take care and thanks for brightening my day! Melissa Hi there, this is auction # 3 that Ihave won from you! You are the best seller and the king of stamps! Shelly Fab, grab bag, over the moon with it. Smashing person to deal with. Thanks. Dot. I received my stamp order earlier this week, and once again, everything is fabulous! Among the pound o’ rubber and delinquent dies were a few I had been interested in getting anyway, so once again, it turned out to be a great deal! I am planning to start experimenting with decoupage soon, and I am sure that many of these designs will make great additions to my little works of art! Thanks so much! Betsy. Woohoo! Another pound! I’m nearing about ten pounds so far…I can’t get enough. They make such great gifts for my fellow stamping friends. I keep the ones I want, and give the ones I already have or don’t need. Thanks for the fun! Melissa. Hello Wayne… Just wanted to let you know I got my FABULOUS pound of rubber and the inspiration is already kicking in! Thank you! I am thrilled at what I got in the pound, loving your people images, and so many of the sayings.. You opened Pandora’s box.. LOL.. ***ppsssttt*** I lucked out, not one dog hair was in the order. Hugs, Beverly/Joisey. Your site and your products rock my world! So unique and witty! I just last night mounted rubber from a pound I bought a long time ago… and looks like I need more! Very addictive! 🙂 Jennifer. Just received my very first order from you (despite having looked and looked and loved your stuff for ages). How absolutely delighted I was – wrapped up like a gift within the Global Priority Envelope, a badge and a free stamp. Thank you so much. These little touches make so much difference and I will be letting my friends know how delighted I was. Have a Good Christmas all of you – especially Wayne – Anita (UK)  FAST Ship!! OMG***WHAT A DEAL!!!!! Will be back 4 MORE!!!!!! A++++ THANKS *Ü* These ain’t your mama’s stamps! Bold, fun, unique, a real rubber adventure! 2nd purchase. 100 stamps this time/no duplicates! Excellent Deal! A+ Buy a VLVS pound of rubber-it’s the most fun you’ll have with your clothes on! Giggle, snort, ha ha ha. Well worth the price! So quick too. A++++++++++ I was soooo disappointed thatI didn’t get any of the offensive sayings that the lady complained about or any nudity. What I did get was 84 great quality stamps and phrases at a rock bottom dirt cheap price. One of these stamps would cost what I bid for the pound with the shipping. I received two huge stamps, lots of great images, and the cutest dog stamp I have ever seen. The phrases I received fit me and my quirky personality exactly. There was nothing overly offensive (dammit) about any of them. I just bid on my second lot and my husband visited your store in Vegas. He said your cat had more fur than our long haired chihuahuas. You just go ahead and send that free fur with our next shipment. We will buy again. Thanks so much

 Just found your store, so first time ordering one of your items. I took the time to read the entire fine print, wow, that is a long full page read. Towards the bottom is a detailed retort by what seems like an unhappy customer. Her comments concerned me more than the happy customers. How can I be assured that the stamps I receive will be all the ones that she complained about, cause they sound perfect for my friends and family? 

 And from the distaff side of the Peanut Gallery…
Hi, I don’t even know how to start this out… except, I have taken total offence to the um stamps I received from you… 1# on eBay… I got them yesterday… and of course I knew I wouldn’t like them all… but that’s the chance you take on a grab bag. I started cutting them up and I was just astonished at what they were… first of all… we have mentally ill people in the family, and also have an anorexic daughter… there were so many mentally ill ones like “The little voices in my head are no longer telling me to buy cutlery”. Also “Joan of Arc heard voices too”. “Who killed?” “Were you born stupid or have you been practicing?” “Make love, not war, what the hell… get married”. The picture stamps were also very obtrusive, and something people in the midwest do not use… I was just shocked at what was in there… a naked woman, looking turned around, so you saw the back of her. A suggestive woman standing in an in appropriate (sic) way with a cigarette sticking out of her mouth, with her boobs sticking out with her leaning back… (like against a bar). Two very ugly women, looking totally depressed, with her hands holding up her head… and the other one is just plain ugly… those are the one’s (sic) I have cut to look at… I can’t believe that anything would be sent like this… more or less, used by stampers… personally, I don’t know stampers like this. Do you? I know it is buyers beware… and a grab bag is just that… I guess things that are sent so obtrusive and invasive. A person should get their money back… I really felt I was not told that these were going to be demeaning slurs, and in appropriate (sic) jokes, and pictures… You certainly can do what you want… depends on what kind of company you are… do you just want to make money at everyone’s costs or do you want to satisfy your customers… it’s up to you! I belong to a couple different auctions and I certainly can tell people about these stamps and whose (sic) selling them… or I could put in a good word about a satisfied customer… I would certainly like to hear from you!!!

and another unhappy customer wrote:

First I need to say I am a 56 year old Christian who makes cards for friends and family.I just received my order today.  I ordered a Combo 1 and was hoping to have at least 20% of the stamps something I could use.  I am very disappointed.  There are only a few stamps that I am even interested in.  As I was taking them out of their packages, I was stamping them on paper to see what the images were or to read the message.  How can you justify fixing up grab bags that are offensive and not for the typical stamper?  I know…my fault…I shouldn’t have ordered a “grab bag”.  I just want to help the next customer that opens one of your grab bags.  I don’t want her to be surprised when she sees “does this condom make me look fat”, “burbing makes your boob bigger”, “He even brought his own condom”, “51% Sweetheart, 49% bitch…don’t push it”, …should I go on?  I won’t be ordering from you again and I certainly won’t be telling friends to “go the Viva Las Vegas stamp store  (or web site) when you are in Vegas” as I have in the past. 

This makes a GREAT gift for special friends, relatives, secret sisters, etc… and we’ll be happy to gift wrap at no additional charge… please let us know whether you want us to send anonymously or from you.

3 reviews for Pound O’ RubberFun/Images/Sayings

  1. Jeri


    I bought 4 of these just for fun and I’ve just put 4 more in the cart! The stamps were fabulous, funny, eclectic, inspiring and I’m still discovering what I got! Out of 4lbs of rubber I only found one duplicate sheet and I know just the person to give them too! I didn’t find anything I found offensive but I sure found a lot of funny sayings I will use! I love it all, thank you so much! These packs are perfect for anyone who loves mixed media, ATCs, card-making, scrapbooking, or simply decorating your envelopes and correspondence! Buy more than one, you won’t be sorry!

  2. StampHoarder

    Happy, but….

    Ordered 2 pounds of rubber stamps. Overall, I’m really happy with the selections, various sizes and themes, with no duplicates. But, I was looking forward to some rumored snarky, offensive, rude phrases, and the most I got were funny ones. Guess the next time I’m in Vegas, I’ll have to stop in and personally search them out. BTW, anyone interested in swapping stamps they don’t want?

  3. Sue

    My latest purchase

    I can’t say enough about my latest pound of rubber. The first large stamp I saw was worth what I paid for the whole package. I got a number of larger stamps and a ton of other beautiful and useful stamps. I absolutely don’t need another stamp in my life but this is so much fun that I already know I’ll order more. Thank you VLV!

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