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Jagged Chain link Fence 3 x 4


Item 19140 Plate 924

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2 reviews for Jagged Chain link Fence 3 x 4

  1. SusanJane (verified owner)

    Something bad is loose…

    …Or it could be good if you’re the escapee! The grunge thing is undeniable here. So are zombies. But I was also thinking about pets and kids that escaped or got into somewhere. As the examples show it does create a great frame. I have two complaints, though. Anytime a stamp image just stops in a straight line it severely limits use. If you have the skill a few pens marks could fix this. Another fix would have been extending the non-runched chain link part another inch, so we could extending the sides by masking. This is not a bad stamp by any means. I knew what I was getting. Just something to consider. Make me over-the-fence happy, VLVS, and make a companion stamp that matches up and extending with just chain link fence.

  2. SusanJane (verified owner)

    Not just a wire fence

    There is some cool art in the gallery done with this stamp which is why I picked it up. The curve makes for a great frame and it doesn’t have to be grunge at all. The right school theme or even an escaped pet would be fun. I’m sure a fishing net is possible as well. The genius with the art on this stamp is the broken links and twists in the mesh really look real. I hunt for this sort of stamp artwork all the time. Leave it to VLVS to provide.

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