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Balloon Dog 1 3/4 x 1 3/4


Item 4678 Plate 525 Balloons, Dogs Page 230

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Item 4678 Plate 525 Balloons, Dogs Page 230

1 review for Balloon Dog 1 3/4 x 1 3/4

  1. SusanJane (verified owner)

    Finally!!! And not just kids stuff.

    I’ve been looking for this stamp for a long time. Jeff Koon makes these super giant balloon animal sculptures in colored chrome metal that are so beyond cool! This one isn’t that big but it is big enough that it’ll be a large dog next to most people stamps. Better yet you can go metallic with the right supplies or whip out your watercolors and do the usual transparent. Balloons are rather trendy right now, it’s a happy childhood thing. A balloon animal is more engaging in my opinion — both children and adults are fascinated watching them get made. Besides kids birthdays and baby showers, I think this stamp would make a great Valentine’s Day card. Since Jeff Koon has his 2-story tall ones installed in parks I think it would be great in the right stamped scene. And I really think anytime a dog is stamped this one could stand in for twice the fun. This is top quality art and a top quality stamp, well worth me waiting for but you don’t have to!

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