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Alien Head 1 1/4 x 2


Item 1676 Plate 451 Page 145

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Item 1676 Plate 451 Page 145

1 review for Alien Head 1 1/4 x 2

  1. SusanJane (verified owner)

    Multi-purpose the Alien

    Besides a fun cameo…

    Masking to replace heads on other rubber stamp images – sitting dog or cat, statutes, people, even a very large spider – mismatched can be funny, surreal or downright strange!

    Easter island – “planted” behind stamped grass or hill, grass scrapbook paper, or a simple drawn hill

    Easter egg within a group or doodled to become one

    Add-ons (to scale or too small) – crown, antlers, halo, hats, biohazard symbol, perching bird

    Coloring/shading – markers, color pencil, watercolor, blending tool, atmospheric scrap paper, even Glossy Accents for 3D

    Colors – greys (of course), red or green grapes, rainbow stripes, green olive, jewel tones, robin’s egg blue, neon any-color, extra-precious metallic

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